February 2024, Issue 5

Reed Solomon Codes in Neural Networks

For some reason I just like Reed-Solomon codes by their name, it’s the first thing that pops in my mind, but any other fault tolerance methodology should work too.

Why we like art

and how memory works in Devlog #7

Hopefully, not everything is sad in our lives. When we witness something unexpected, it will be seen with extreme delight. That’s why some art could be boring because it is associated with mundane stuff, but we very much appreciate even some strange abstract splashes because...

Solving CartPole

with Spiking Neural Networks

Sutton and Burto wrote the whole book about Reinforcment Learning, so no wonder why their problem is solved this way, but today we will use Spiking Neural Networks to achieve one-shot learning and smooth movements


Popular science book reviews

Somewhere in the middle of the book you reach that part that looks like an acid trip. You know, like in every good movie from the 90’s, where the main protagonist faces a moment of hard decision.

Advanced Finite State Machine

In one project, I decided to navigate through the steps of the installation wizard using a state machine.

Boot Raspberry Pi when nothing helps

I will need to check the power supply, though it's the official one that provides 5V 3A, I doubt that the problem is there.