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I know a lot of game development blogs, but I've only seen one dedicated to creating a board game. The person wanted to take it to Kickstarter but only released two videos where he discussed the idea and created a prototype. Apparently, he became incredibly wealthy and abandoned YouTube. (it's a theory)

I'll take a game that I used to like and try to change the mechanics to make it deeper and playable for two people.

It's worth noting that when promoting your game, it's better not to describe it as "just like Clue but cooler." It's immediately obvious that you're not original. Let the publisher form the impression that the game is similar to Clue, but they should know that it's cooler, not just a clone.

-> Devlog: Part 0



I'm a dad who quit his job 3 years ago to make board games. My wife and I have now made over $1 million in revenue. AMA!



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