About me

πŸ‘‹ Hi

Updated from my GitHub profile

  • πŸ‘€ I’m interested in game development, DIY electronics, and artificial intelligence
  • 🌱 I’m currently learning Kotlin, revamping data structures and algorithms in GDScript, and basics of electronics
  • πŸ’žοΈ I’m looking to collaborate on projects related to robots, games and procedural generation
  • πŸ“« You can reach me on Mastodon @mikolasan where once a week I write threads about gamedev and development process
  • β˜• Enjoy coding today!


My professional resume. Also I have many hobby projects. But ideasβ€”I have more.



More than writing code I like to plan a good journey. I post travelling stories to my Instagram



I love good typography. That is why I also write a newsletter on Substack

Brief biography

Since early days in school I was reading video game magazines, I liked playing pithy RPG and rapid action games, I discussed them with friends and we dreamed about making our own.

Here I am, I have been doing game development for 10 years in the gambling industry. It brings mathematical challenges and the warmth of Las Vegas.

I am a full-time developer, once a year traveler and a snob ever since I registered on Instagram. I have a postgraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. With its help, I do what I do for a living. But besides that, I passionate about game development and irrational exploitation of computers.


I Like

I like my mountain bike. It allows me to consume(appreciate) nature with the speed that enough to see landscape from different angles and as a still image when you liked some composition.

I like board games. First of all they represent an art piece. Then they have a story, setting and specific rules in their world.

I like hardware, electronic components, limited resources and capabilities.

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