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My channel has 4 subscribers right now šŸ¤  Though I have 82 on another Russian oriented channel. I'm not consistent with my content and I assume those 82 people are crazy šŸ˜† Or maybe because with social networks I mainly helping to my wife.

Three years ago she has started a channel about coloring with pencils. Just recently she achieved 4000 subs. It is a slow but steady growth.


You can go check recent videos on YouTube directly but here's a list of videos with corresponding posts on this website.


Here's some lessons from my experience based on questions I've been asked in DMs.

Q: Traffic from Facebook community

Q: I cannot post a video or youtube channel link on Facebook. Otherwise they will ban my account permanently. They have strict rule about spam.

A: If you want to promote your YouTube channel on Facebook, then create a Group or a Page and it must be public. When you post to other groups you need to capture attention without a link - that's the tricky part. Then say "link in my bio".

For example, coloring with pencils channel received about 30% of her traffic from Facebook community where she posted her work.

Q: Where to find free templates for video thumbnails?

A: I do not know any good and ready to use templates. You need to play around in Photoshop and find your style

Q: I need 4000 watch hours to complete monetization process. How?

A: I guess you know that monetization depends on clicks and hours. Let's say you get 4000 hours and monetization begins, you will need another 4000 hours to convert it to money. So think how to get 4000 hours constantly.

I did some primitive math: if you have one 15 min video and it will get 10'000 views (watched from the beginning to the end), then it equals to 2500 hours.

You need to produce something with high demand. Something unique. For example, channel oriented on playing games can show all secrets in the game

Q: How to make video viral?

A: If some video will be viral or not - you never know. It usually something stupid. But that's usually one shot, better be consistent and make good quality content that you would like to watch yourself

Q: Give me advice how to make my channel better

A: If you have more then 5 videos, I think it would not hurt to add playlists. It will structure different topics covered in your videos.

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