Some day I will create a game in new genre – infinite institute hall crawler

Try it now!

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What a day it had been!

Jeff got fired from Burger Queen restaurant today. This week he needs to pay mortgage loan for her grandmother house and for cable TV just before a baseball season.

Considering all this stuff together Jeff decides to go to a bar. To watch the first game, drink some beer and think about future and where to get some cash.

Collect $500 or more this night and life will become less miserable.


My story

I'd like to share my experience with pygame on replit with other programmers. Here are my notes I made when started with this project. They boosted my productivity with this platform.

  • Stop button usually do not work. To restart code with new changes use Ctrl+Enter. Make sure focus in the code editor.
  • Also try Ctrl+C in console window.
  • If first 2 do not help, close a browser tab and open, go to your dashboard and open project again.
  • Sometimes it still displays window from previous start or do not display an app at all. It happened to me when the package manager (pip) tells you who is the boss. Then fork a project. When I discovered that method I finished with 11 forks of my game.
  • You cannot open just a game in new tab using *.run link. You have to play with layout whole day.
  • I recommend to run your app in fullscreen mode to prevent from clicking on close and minimize buttons of the window 
  • Linter tells you about every whitespace error and very often covers real syntax typos. Did you know that there is auto-format button near to "saved" status. I want an option to make it automatic on save (merge it with my habit to press Ctrl+S)
  • pdb did not work. I tried pdb_clone and it worked.
  • And do not try to remove file if it is currently opened.


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