Mathematical models

Visual part of the game is not complex as in modern RPG or action games, it is possible to teach a student, and the game will be ready in two months. But slot machines hide many important parts inside: it plays music, it fires the lights, it reports accounting to the house system, it works autonomously and without a chance for a software mistake. On top of this it requires balanced mathematical calculations which are triggered by pure RNG to engage the player and deliver a joy.

My role is to design, implement, and verify mathematical models that bring profit to the casino, and, on another side, high engagement to a random player from a fortunate win.


Note: I must admit that I regret the use of image generative services for making concept images for these prototypes.

Logos of different frameworks and programming languages covering each other

Tech Stack Smack

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Chinese lantern on fire

The Last Samurai

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spades suit drawn in Van Gogh style

Still Life

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  • HoneyRush math model.