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Nikolay Neupokoev - Mathematician Engineer

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I enjoy the code that is written well and looks perfect. After more than nine years of work with code of different quality, I'm noticing beauty in some projects and appreciate the creators behind them. At the same time, I realize that perfect code is almost impossible in the real world. All the struggles behind the project do not matter if it is shipped in time and serves the business goal well.

I'm a professional software developer with strong mathematics and programming background. I have over nine years of experience in the field of the gambling industry, such as game development, calculation of PAR sheets, deployment of casino systems, and hardware-software integration.

Work experience

??? TBA

Etho Gaming, LLC (US)

April 2022 – present


Saturday's code (Russia)

Oct 2020 – March 2022

Director of Mathematical department

Slot Constructor, LLC (US)

Feb 2018 – Sep 2020

  • Responsible for analyzing business requirements in all company’s projects and define technical project specifications. Design system architecture.
  • Designed mathematical models for Class III games which were certified in the test laboratory as GLI-11 compliant.
  • Led development of server-based system with unique bingo rules imitating gameplay and frequencies of RNG casino games.
  • Architected a database for pull-tab machines compatible among different type of games.
  • Coordinated the development. Introduced into practice TDD by adding unit and integration tests to a legacy project before implementing new features and refactoring.
  • Adopted CI process from scratch with help of Jenkins, Docker, and PXE server. Reduced time spent by team in preparing new releases.

Lead Mathematician Engineer

Slot Constructor, LLC (US)

Oct 2015 – Feb 2018

  • Changed development process by splitting monolith games on backend and frontend parts.
  • Created a platform integrated with gaming board features, different peripherals such as bill acceptors, printers, card readers, progressive controllers, and independent from the game.
  • Designed backend test scenarios and test cases.
  • Added dongle support to the game engine to provide additional protection for our products on street market.
  • Mentor junior employees.


LLC Slot Constructor (Russia)

Oct 2012 – Oct 2015

  • Developed and released casino games for many companies in Russia, USA, Malaysia, Mexico, Argentina.
  • Provided remote installation support of company’s embedded system based on Linux.
  • Designed and coded simulation program for all new and modified games in C.
  • Preparing PAR sheets in Excel and TeX
  • Achieved confident knowledge how to work with Git






  • Trello, Redmine, JIRA, Confluence

Hobby projects


Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2006-2012. Final qualification work “Modeling the active perception”.

Mechanics and Mathematics department, Novosibirsk State University, Russia


Vityaev, E.E., Neupokoev, N.V.: Formal model of perception based on fix-point of anticipations. Approaches to mental modeling. pp.155-172, Moscow, URSS Editorial (2014)

Vityaev, E.E., Neupokoev, N.V.: Perception and pattern formal model as a fix-point of anticipations. Vol 6, No 1, pp.28-41, Neuroinformatics, (2012)

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