Soft screens

A technology from my dream


I had a dream where I worked with hardware engineers. We were examining a machine and then the power went down. I’ve heard people say that this will be a norm in the near future. So, let’s assume this was about the future. The power came back really quick, but I needed to replace the power cord. I went to the storage, and I found another one. They were special cords with a converter installed on one end. But a guy said that I could not take that cable because he needed it in his team.

Then we went to the room where his team was working. They were developing software and some new user interface. The room was full of shelves with computer equipment and on the eye level there were big monitors, very similar to CRT monitors, but they were different.

That extra volume probably hid the implementation of new soft screens. The screens were like jelly, you could touch and your finger would enter the screen some distance inside. And the picture itself had some depth when сlose objects created a raised relief on the screen.

And that's it.

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