Robot constructor


3D models, inspiration

The process

I started with nuts and bolts. Literally.

Because in the constructor all different planks must be connected together with bolts. At least if our main material is plastic and we are not going to copy from LEGO.

Also this is a temporary component. I print it to feel it in my hands. And decide with what size I want to go. Size of the bolts will define size of planks and sheets and that will define the total size of the constructor.

Some cold grey PETG. I don’t like how they rub each other. This is mostly because of many stringing artifacts inside the nut. And spiky surfaces will be changed too.

I must confess. This is an addictive fidget toy. I spun it the whole day yesterday. (That’s why it spins freely now)

next to try

escapement mechanisms (gravity) tourbillon (spring mechanism)

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