Prototype 1


3D printing


PLA Prusament Black Galaxy

Small batch printed to test settings

Toothpicks cut in small pieces and tracks

Fully assembled tracks


2x Yellow PLA Prusament, 2x PETG

Two failed prints and one finished

Finished PETG print of a yellow wheel

Back side, showing the texture of the first printed layer

Slightly different yellow color of PLA filament. Tracks wrapped around the wheel


Yellow PETG

Hexcomb infill just started to be covered with bridges

Warping on one edge

First layer texture

Top layer texture

One evening example

What's left

  • switch after battery toggle or slide
  • led indicator for battery input
  • led indicator for 5v out
  • with dashed line define where boost components, where charger components
  • check voltage in for the motors
  • draw the battery contour
  • replace micro usb connector
  • move CR1 down
  • (bonus) battery level indicator
  • (bonus) pwm input indicator

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