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An open-source game engine for Morrowind, OpenMW is in development, leveraging open libraries to enable the use of original resources. While allowing for the incorporation of original resources, this engine can be freely utilized in independent projects. The availability of the source code opens doors to introducing new mechanics into the game, addressing aspects that may have been lacking in the original.

Here's what crossed my mind.

Feasible Features

  • Recruit any inhabitants into a clan

Super Cool Features

  • Weaving intrigues (dynamic dialogues loosely tied to the scripted plot)
  • Ship navigation
  • Maritime waves
  • Cannons and artillery (steampunk, perhaps?)
  • Destructible terrain/structures
  • Evolving economic system with supply and demand, affecting prices and trade dynamics
  • Seasonal transitions, influencing weather patterns, wildlife behavior, and even the availability of certain quests

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