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This is my main inspiration:

Pot redesign

Self-watering pot secrets

Let me quote an avid gardener (sleepingsickness) who commented about this thing

Because this houses soil the roots will likely hang out in the soil for the nutrition and support, but the soil will naturally suck up the water into the soil keeping it consistently moist for the plant. There are certain plants that don't like "wet feet" that will not do well in a self watering planter. Some plants, particularly "desert plants" from more arid climates prefer that the soil gets completely dry before re-watering, and you wouldn't want to put those in here.

All that being said, other plants prefer having wet roots, like those from more tropical or even some northern climates. Plenty of plants grow in Washington State, for instance, where it rains non-stop for weeks sometimes. The trick will be learning which plants will thrive in this planter specifically. I would recommend a Pothos or a Spiderwort if you're not already "into" indoor plants, because they like that consistently moist soil and really explode with growth when they're taken care of in this way.

I currently have Pothos on the shelf next to me growing in just water. I also have Catnip and Cilantro growing in a hydroponic system with just water and fertilizer on my kitchen counter.

All plants are different and the fun part is learning to care for them

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