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32-bit MCU (Xtensa LX7, up to 240 MHz) from Espressif ESP32-S2-WROOM. Datasheet, Technical Reference, official Development board, and hardware design guidelines. Not recommended for new designs (4/20/2024), that's why I got them from SparkFun with discount.

To compare with Arduino Uno, ATMega328, or other boards: WROOM has 128 KB ROM, 320 KB SRAM

Peripherals include 43 GPIOs, 1 full-speed USB OTG interface, SPI, I2S, UART, I2C, LED PWM, LCD interface, camera interface, ADC, DAC, touch sensor, temperature sensor.

  • Power from 3.7V battery ? 3.0V - 3.6V
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) for communication
  • About ADC. 2 ADC 10 channels each. ADC Attenuation
  • Arduino IDE support.
  • SPI for TFT display.

Board designs

ProtoESP - Prototyping board for ESP32

PCB design 3d render

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