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Tank-like robot

SMARS version 1, version 4 (lite) created by Kevin Thomas.

smars v4

I originally saved a link to Cults 3D where I saw similar interface to Thingeverse and the download button. But that doen't allow you to take the files. And then I noticed that in one year the creator has made 3000 euro selling this model by 5 euro for the zip. Looks like a good business model for hobby.

But I'm a guy from Soviet Union, which means I am okay to spend some time and create my own version, because engineering is in my blood. Here's helpful design walkthrough from Kevin McAleer.

Similar tank from Japan.

Quad pod version of SMARS. Compare with another small quadruped robot.

Dog-like robot

Small robot dog


And similar dog called by the creator: conveyor for ore sorting ūü§£

conveyor for ore sorting

conveyor for ore sorting

Kawaii robot

Stack-chan owl

Stack-chan robots created by Shinya Ishikawa and its community. For example this sad yellow lizard by Namako

sad yellow lizard

It has "stack" in it's name because it uses M5Stack which is a tiny box 5 cm on the side with a screen based on very popular low-cost system on a chip - ESP32. I remember first hearing about M5 from YouTube video reviewing their E-ink display kit


Retro style

retro robot

tiny legs, big head


  • robot helps learn another language (link)

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