Treble for NVIDIA Shield K1

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Check support

Check Treble support with TrebleInfo


Of course Nvidia Shield Tablet doesn't support Treble. But this should be simple, it's just repartitioning and moving some folders around as I understood from this thread.

So let's get started.

Do I need TWRP with Treble Manager (like this, or this old version with screenshots)?

Behind the hood it's just this list of instructions

Here's an explanation how to make TWRP for A/B devices

This is my plan:

  • From Lineage 15 read /proc/cmdline, check that selinux and dm-verity are disabled (we are going to change partitions and next boot should not fail just because partitions are changed)
  • Build TWRP with Treble Manager merged from this repo

Just in case


  • A very broad steps on how to convert to Android 9 ROM to GSI compatible one link
  • GitHub of legendary phhusson

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