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Andrew Male in his Twitter asked:

If anyone is bored and into robotics, I need one that will sit on my desk and when it sees me reading code for more than an hour it will ask me out loud if I really need to refactor the code.

As you may know, I am up to robotics. I decided to start simple. Robot-companion

  • it is sitting on your desk and monitors you
  • it plans and organizes your work
  • if you stuck on social media website, it will tell you get back to work
  • and the opposite, it reminds when to do a break.

Plus a screen with emotion expressions and wheels to poke around on the table and find a charger station when needed.

So it’s like a coach. It should pose an angry reaction when you are out of track in your plan.

I'm aiming for a physical device. It will sit on a desk - a physical table where my laptop is.

In months it grew big.

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