Practice your skills on StackOverflow


You can practice your programming skills on sites like Codewars and HakerRank. But did you know that you can PRACTICE your skills on StackOverflow?

The only thing I must warn you: it can be a real challenge if you are not ready for it.

Let's say we are going to practice Python tonight.

So here's the thing. To answer correctly, you need to have some knowledge in the topic. For example, Python tag is usually full of issues related to machine learning.

If there is no bounty for your topic, then uncheck it, be a valiant knight carrying knowledge ⚔️.

Search for questions with good detailed explanation that is easy to reproduce.

Do not be like me. One guy struggled with a program from some YouTube video. He provided only one function from that program, where he thinks the problem is. No links whatsoever.

A function name was a bit weird, therefore I was able to find it on Github, where by a lucky chance YouTube video was linked in the readme. This way I restored as much information as possible to reproduce the problem before I have even tried to solve it.

Here is the main question. Why would you bother making the effort solving someone's issue?

That was my quest for the night, because I do not play regular computer games.

I was practicing. As it turned out I practived generators in Python.

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