IDE train


You will be more productive using better tools. So, what is your IDE and how you are satisfied with it?

I will tell you how many tools I have tried before.

Back in the day I was using proprietary IDEs licensed by my university. I used C++ Builder (Embarcadero RAD Studio nowadays) and Visual Studio. Not complicated university projects on Windows. It was more than enough.

Then I’ve got a job where special IDE was used. Okay, "special" is too much here, just vanilla qscintilla with search functionality. It was even nowhere close to ZeroBrane Studio. At some point (after 2 or 3 years 😲) I realized that I will be more productive using better tools.

No, just kidding. I was not that smart 😂 So happened that it was time to start a new project in C++. My previous experience with Qt Creator and Code::Blocks was not satisfying. I also tried Emacs, but was not able to run a debugger from it. So I have started searching.

I had the following criteria. It should

  • have a nice interface (dark theme)
  • work on Linux
  • be free
  • support many languages (highlighting)
  • have autocomplete and code snippets

Almost no choice. And I install Atom 😱

Why not VS Code? Because it looked like a text editor that Microsoft removed from Visual Studio just to have a mark against "yes, we support Linux".

Only now I prefer VS Code over Atom. But if you never tried Atom you do not know what is a comfortable search across all project files (Ctrl+Shift+F).

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