The fish story


So let’s set the scene. It was winter in Novosibirsk. Snow was everywhere, and it was about to become even colder. I went to drop my car in the garage. It’s about 15 minutes walk from home.

You probably don’t know, but some people live in garages. Not from a good life, of course. But it’s not unusual to see furnaces in garages and smoke coming from the pipe installed on the roof. Some people even build the second story to have a window at least. That’s premium 👌

So I parked my car in the garage, closed the gates. It’s dark by the way, 10pm. The air was cold and crisp with a little taste of coal (from furnaces fired around), but suddenly the distinct smell of fish surrounded me.

I never smelled it there. There was no one around. It’s a very empty and dark line of garages and this smell…

I thought about people with fish heads, which are not really fish but ugly, pictured in Lovecraft’s stories. And I seriously started worrying.

So I made sure that I closed the garage and quickly headed back home.

The end.

Speaking about fish people. Lovecraft stories will be with me all my life. I like his horror.

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