Spiking Neural Networks


Better than any words, you can get an idea how SNNs work from this animation.

But here's a downside:

...in order to reach accuracy of its ANN counterpart, it usually requires long spike trains to ensure the accuracy. Traditionally, a spike train needs around one thousand time steps to approach similar accuracy as its ANN counterpart

Efficient Spiking Neural Networks with Radix Encoding


How to write a spiking neural network simulation from scratch in Python

Training methods

A list from this blog

Unsupervised Learning

Supervised Learning

Reinforcement Learning


A Minimal Spiking Neural Network to Rapidly Train and Classify Handwritten Digits in Binary and 10-Digit Tasks paper. Guess how spikes work in this work. Pixels from black and white picture unwrapped into spike trains (facepalm)


  • How does STDP start if no synaptic connections exist a priori?

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